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Tofu for Stir-Fry

Sarah left for yoga classes, and told me this recipe. Instead of writing in a paper I will put it here.

Cut the tofu in small squares (the size of marble). Put them in the pan and start cooking high-medium. After a 15 minutes or so, they will start getting a little brownish-yellow. Put 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and 2 of soy sauce. The sugar will melt and with the salty soy sauce it will become a great sweet-salty flavor. This is works as a base or side for anything.

  • 1 block of tofu (14 oz. / 400 gr.)
  • brown sugar
  • soy sauce

post script:  I just did it, and it’s delicious.


Tofu and Rice Stuffed Peppers

It has been a long time!! We (the baby and I) are doing well so are back blogging.

If you have leftover rice, this a great way to use it. Low fat and excellent with fresh herbs. I suggest using yellow peppers for a milder taste.

Tofu and Rice Stuffed Peppers

  • 3-4 yellow/green peppers
  • 300 gr. firm tofu
  • 2 cups cooked (brown) rice
  • 1 fresh garlic clove
  • salt/pepper/paprika to taste
  • tomato sauce (about 1-1.5 cups)
  • 1 medium onion
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • fresh parsley and basil to taste

Mix crushed garlic, crumble the tofu, cooked rice, and tomato sauce. Add salt. Chop onion and celery in finely in the Tmix. Saute the onion and celery in the oil. Should be soft but not brown. Chop fresh herbs. Mix onions, celery and herbs with the tofu rice mixture. Add the other spices. Cut the peppers in half and add to the frying pan you used to cook the onions. Add water and steam for 5-8 minutes. Bake in the oven on 350 for 40 minutes. If you have extra mixture you can just bake on the side.


This is a really great recipe that gives tofu a lot more flavor but also has the benefits of eating soy and less meat. You could also make it with beef. We think it is pretty cool that you can hide the tofu this way!  It was easy and good. It is a great recipe to make in the t-mix. 

Steamed meatballs

Steamed meatballs

Steamed tofu and pork meatballs

  • 1 large onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/3 of a green pepper
  • 8 oz tofu (250 grams)
  • 8 oz ground beef/pork (250 grams)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 squirt soy sauce 
  • salt
  • 1-1.5 tablespoons flour
  • 2-3 tablespoons breadcrumbs
  • pepper
  • herbs: nutmeg, basil, oregano, or others you like.

Chop the onion, pepper, and garlic finely in the t-mix for a few seconds. Add 1 teaspoon of oil and saute for a few minutes (8 in the t-mix). Add remaining ingredients and mix. The tofu will kinda disintegrate into the meat mixture. Form into approximately 1 inch meatballs and coat in breadcrumbs. Place in a pan to steam for 15-18 minutes. I Put it in the t-mix varoma and cooked it  while making tomato sauce. Its great to use the energy the t-mix is already producing. 

We ate it with pasta but you could also make an Asian soy/ginger/garlic sauce that i bet would be delicious. I’ll update other sauces next time I make make it.

Sweet and Sour Tofu and Eggplant (in a crockpot)

Made in a crockpot

That's what I'm talking about!

I have been craving tofu for the last few days and finally decided how I felt like eating it… in a sweet and sour sauce:) I have never made a sweet and sour sauce so I looked things up on the internet. I was quite disappointed. If you want vegan/fat free ideas they have them but that didn’t interest me (or my pallat:). So I figured I better search for Sweet and Sour Pork… those people know how to eat!!! That gave me better results but I still found many recipes that called for bottled sweet and sour sauce. I looked at about 10 recipes and then just decided to make my own version. One version I really liked and took the tofu idea from was a girl who made it her goal to use her crockpot everyday in 2008! Here is the version I made up , with the minor alterations I would make next time 🙂

Sweet and Sour Tofu and Eggplant

  • 2 onions chopped
  • 2 peppers (i used one green and one yellow)
  • 1 clove garlic chopped or pressed
  • 1 15 oz can of pineapple with juice
  • 1-2 tablespoons tomato paste 
  • 2.5 Tbs vinagre
  • 3.5 Tbs sugar
  • 3-5 Tbs water (start with 3 and add more if you need it at the end)
  • 1+ Tbs corn starch
  • 1/2 chili pepper chopped (mine only had a few seeds so you might want take some out)
  • _______________
  • 20+ oz tofu
  • corn starch to coat tofu
  • 1 eggplant and oregano (optional)
  • salt

Add all ingredients up to tofu in the crockpot. Let cook at least 5 hours on high.

When you are about 30 minutes from eating: 

Chop the eggplant in medium sized slices. In a baking dish coat them with about 1 tbs oil and sprikle them with salt and oregano.  Cook on about 400 for 15 minute or until soft. Add to the crockpot mix. Next, coat the cubed tofu with corn starch. Add a little salt. Then fry the tofu in about 3 Tbs of oil on high heat. Don’t stir them to much, just flip them once to make sure they are golden on all sides. Add the fried tofu to the crockpot mix.

Serve with rice

Coconut Tofu


This is all that was left!

This is all that was left!

I had my first whole conversation with a random person and on various topics in Danish. I went to get tofu at one of the many ethnic shops in Aalborg. She asked what I was looking for and we started talking while she gave me my tofu. She has family in who lives in the US and we talked about that and the different opportunities life in Denmark and the US offers. In Denmark there is equality to get an education but after you graduate she says it is difficult for foreigners to get a job. In the US, its hard to get higher education but once you do there isn’t as much racism to get a job. It was an interesting perspective. She also talked about the problem of corruption in Vietnam. I tell you this was a real conversation, not your typical “hi, my name is…, I’m from…, I’m…”.

Coconut Tofu Rice Noodle

  • 1 stalk (not the upper stem) leek 
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 2-3 teaspoons sugar
  • salt, pepper, squirt of soy
  • spices: pinch of cumin, 1/2 teaspoon “tandori masala bbq” seasoning (a mix of cumin, cinnomin, cilantro, oregano, thyme), dash of nutmeg, 1/4 teaspoon basil.
  • 1 400 gr. (10.5 oz) coconut milk– today I used organic and it was good!
  • 1/2 cauliflower
  • 125 gr. rice noodles (i used half a package).

Saute leeks and garlic in oil until done. Add cubed tofu, sugar, and spices. After 2 minutes add coconut milk. Leave coconut tofu to simmer. Adjust seasoning if necesary. Add chopped cauliflower to boiling water with salt and cook for 4 minutes. Then add rice noodles and drain after 3. Combine coconut tofu and cauliflower and rice noodles.