About t-mix


This is the model we have.

This is the model we have.

Thermomix or t-mix as we call it, is a cool tool that many people in Europe (especially France, Germany and Spain) use. In Spain, where Carlos is from, there is like 1 million (literally) of this machines. We do not work for Thermomix! just big fans. The mother of Carlos gave us a t-mix last Christmas. We are just starting to taking full advantage of its wonderful time saving and ease of use capabilities. Pretty much it is like a blender, only it cooks food too. We also use it to grind wheat. Most recipes will use it either to chop vegetables or to make sauces. Carlos’s mother has been using it for 20 years and loves it!

This machine has been around since the 60’s. It started in Germany. There has been plenty of models, and every year seem to get better.


5 responses to “About t-mix

  1. So that is what I want for Christmas. Sounds GREAT!!!!!!

  2. So how do I get one of those? I guess I need to start looking so I can start the trend in the US 🙂

  3. What a fun way to keep in touch. The thermomex sounds very interesting. Tell me how it works, especially the cooking part!

    Love Gramma

  4. Welcome Gramma Guelker!! The thermomix has a temperature setting that ranges from about 100 degrees to 250 degrees by 20 degree increments. What makes it so convenient is that you can chop everything in the t-mix and cook it all in the same bowl. Also, to keep things from sticking and burning it stirs everything on different speeds. For example, making a cream sauce always seemed a bit laborious right? you have to constantly stir it and get the temperatures right to keep it from getting clumpy right? Well this solves that. You just dump oil/butter, flour, milk, salt etc in the “bowl” and put the speed on 3 and the temperature on 200 and program the time setting to 7 minutes and it makes it for you! It always comes out well too. So, there you have it in a nutshell:)

  5. Hey! The t-mix is soooo awesome! I love mine too. I use it for all of Miriam’s baby food and dozens of recipes. It comes with a good recipe book, but I’ve also been experimenting with my “American” recipes and it does a pretty good job whipping those out as well! I even used it to make chicken pot pie once. The crust and the filling… though not at the same time of course. Actually I’m thinking of starting my own food blog too, cuz cooking is so much fun with this machine!

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