Arrival of our Daughter Anna Maria

Anna Maria was born today at 4:45 a.m. at Hospital Nord in the city of Aalborg, Denmark. She is 3,2 kilo (7 pounds) and 51 cm. (20 inches) and she’s healthy. After a long 30 hour labor, both Sarah and Anna Maria are doing very well. We’re very happy.

All the best,

Sarah, Carlos and Anna Maria

Breakfast for 3

Breakfast for 3

Because this is a food blog, we would like to put on the breakfast they brought us after the delivery. This is a typical Danish breakfast. Flags in Denmark are a symbol of celebration. I thought it was so cute, I almost started crying. I kept a flag, not that I’m a flag fanatic, but because I’m really grateful for what this country has done for our family. I’ll keep it and tell Anna Maria in the future to remember with love the place where she was born on July 27th, 2009.

3 responses to “Arrival of our Daughter Anna Maria

  1. Congratulations – now you have the very reason that the Italians asked Vorwerk to develop the Thermomix – a bundle of joy needing GOOD food.

  2. Congratulations again guys. Love the website! Sarah you need to get hold of the book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” I think you would be enthralled by it. A fantastic, entertainng, thought-provoking and interesting read.You are my culinary inspiration Sarah.

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