The Menu for this Week

Considering we are somewhat slow to put our pictures and recipes, we will put the week´s menu. Looking at the Living the Frugal Life has inspired us. It’s good to have the week ready so we can buy and prepare better. The weeks we don’t do it, it’s easier to get us in trouble.

Monday: Rice and Fish Salad

  • Brown Rice
  • Salmon and white fish
  • Vegetables
  • Mayo

Tuesday: Chiliquiles

  • Tomato Sauce
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cheese
  • Tortillas

Wednesday: Cocido Madrileño (sin carne)

  • Vegetarian Cocido is an oxymoron, but with the heat of the summer seems the more apropiatte. Here is the wiki explanation.
  • Garbanzo beans (or chickpeas) is the main ingredient.
  • We will dress it with olive oil, white wine vinager and salt.

Thursday: Tortilla Española (this is our recipe)

This week is a coincidence we have 2 meals from Spain.

Friday: Pizza

I hope we make spinach and other goodies.

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