Thanksgiving recipes


Thanksgiving turkey.... (ok, it's a chicken!)

Thanksgiving turkey.... (ok, it's a chicken!)

We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday on Saturday instead of Thursday because of our work schedules here in Denmark. When the feast did happen, we had delightful company (John from the US and Angela from Canada), conversation, and of course FOOD! Although we made a lot of food, I only felt stressed by it once (when I thought Carlos was tending the gravy but he was setting up the table) and I think that stress free way of preparing food always makes it come out better. Whenever I am rushed or stressed while preparing food for company it Never comes out the way I want it.

We made a variety of things: Stuffed chicken, Stuffed Turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, apple crisp, and chocolate chip cookies. John brought deviled eggs and sweet potatoes. Angela brought a whipped cream fruit salad and ice cream. Sorry about the whipped cream Angela! The t-mix does miracles, but it is also very powerful and before we realized what was happening, our whipped cream had turned to butter almost. It still tasted good but it was a shame it was clumpier than it would have been. Yes, there were only four of us here to eat all this food. Unfortunately our “mate” from New Zealand couldn’t make it. It was a delicious meal and in traditional Thanksgiving fashion we were stuffed!

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  1. Sounds like you had some great food and the company sounds fun too. So the T-mix didn’t do so well for you that time!!!!!!!!I can imagine the whole thing! You know I have been very envious of the whole T mix thing.

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