A cooking applience for every occasion!The Pressure Cooker, Thermomix, and Crockpot!

When we went to France we bought a pressure cooker! We have wanted one for a long time and finally we decided it was THE time! We cooked bean soup last night in about 30 minutes, which is way quicker than the conventional method. So, now we have three wonderful kitchen appliances. They are all good for different things and we (will) use all of them a lot.

ferocious 3

ferocious 3

Some things to look at in a pressure cooker:

1. That the seal on the lid is attached to the lid (meaning it can’t come off).

2. Raquel (Carlos’s sister) helped us pick out a good one. She told us to be careful not to get a “tinny” one. You want a steel pan that is thick enough to keep the heat in. Thanks Raquel!

3. Raquel, my mother-in-law, and I all like the top that you screw into place. For some reason it cooks the food better. If you cant find that option and you have to get one that you lock the handle into place, make sure has a seal that attaches to the lid and can’t be taken off. That should make sure it is of good enough quality.

Thank you Raquel for helping us pick out a really good pressure cooker!


pressure cooker:)

5 responses to “A cooking applience for every occasion!The Pressure Cooker, Thermomix, and Crockpot!

  1. Looks like a Tefal – I had one for years but gave it to somebody who was vegetarian and said they’d never used one. They fell in love with it and I foolishly said that I didn’t really use it much so they could keep it.

    What a fool – now I want it nearly every week for something 😦

  2. What is a thermomix? Is it like a kitchen aid?

  3. It is a bit like a kitchen aid but it heats things, chops things, and purees things. Check out our t-mix page for more info. We love it

  4. I think thermomixer is refering to a pressure cooker called Tefal. We have only had it a week but we have used it alot. I wouldn’t trade it:)

  5. They are my three top kitchen appliances too. Although my pressure cooker needs an upgrade. It’s old and the seal has had it and it’s a handle joining type and it’s not big enough.

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