Today we saw some Danes collecting chestnuts and we joined in the fun. By thinking of yummy roasted chestnuts I probably collected around 4-5 pounds! I was SOO excited. Carlos wanted to ask how the Danes prepare them so that we could learn a new recipe, but I thought it was a silly idea. Finally, he couldn’t resist any longer and asked an older couple who had a small bag of them. They laughed and said, “no no, you don’t eat them. They aren’t like the ones in France”! This type of chestnut is a “horse chestnut“. 

They look very similar (fooled me) but they are prettier. The Danes use them to decorate with. I still carried my 5 pounds home with me prepared to cook and eat them if the internet confirmed they were eatable. I was determined to eat them, and I mean a lot of them! Unfortunately, they are poisonous to humans and Carlos’s inquisitiveness saved our lives (or at least saved us a trip to the hospital!). Now for the pictures of our beautiful decrorative chestnuts.

3 responses to “Chestnuts

  1. Si es q sois unos gulosos!!! q tios!

  2. That’s pretty funny. Carlos … inquisitive… never 🙂 And Juan this is an English blog 🙂 jk.

  3. Ha, ha! What a funny story, and what beautiful nuts you collected. I want some, too 😉

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