Landmark: 1000 visits today

I checked our number of visitors a few days ago, and it was almost 1000. We’re quite surprised with the number of visits. Today we have reached 1,000. Our first post was on 3 July and today is October 4, so it only took us 3 months. We’re very happy these recipes and tricks can be useful to someone.

The five most popular recipes have been the following.

  • Number 5:Baked-breaded eggplant parmesan with 2 cheeses. This is a great international recipe, combining the flavors of traditional Mediterranean food in a cool mix.
  • Number 4:How to freeze peppers . It’s amazing to see how many people google things like: “how to freeze peppers”, “freezing peppers”, “is it healthy to freeze a pepper?” or “procedure to freeze a green pepper”. WordPress allows you to see the searches that led people to your blog. So it’s funny to see what people wonder.  Carlos loved taking pictures of the peppers.
  •  Number 3: Our first post: Tortilla Española. Actually today Saturday, we ate a variant of this. Making tortilla with the t-mix is the way to go. 
  •  Number 2: Vegetable Curry Quinoa. The great quinoa (quinua in Spanish). It’s just so good and healthy. Besides we always feel in a way we are helping the people we met over in the Andes. 
  • And ladies and gentlemen, Number 1…: Dinner for company: Fetuccini Alfredo and Eggplant Parmesan !!! The eggplant strikes again… What a great dinner, and how easy it is to prepare.

The pages of “About Us” and “about t-mix”, are also very popular, but are not included in the ranking. People want to know who we are and we’re glad tell our happy story. People also wonder what the heck this t-mix is, and actually a few have asked us how much it cost, etc. Again, we do not promote it but we use ours a lot. You can get it new for less than 1000 Euros, and second hand for the half price, which might be a good value.

One response to “Landmark: 1000 visits today

  1. Thanks for the quinua support. Juan loves you guys for it!

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