How to freeze peppers

Red, Orange, Yellow and Green

Red, Orange, Yellow and Green

If you have extra peppers, they can be perfectly be preserved in the freezer. You just need to cut in slices, put them in a plastic bag and freeze them. The lady who sells us veggies told us the trick. Carlos’ sister, Raquel, confirmed it’s not a good idea to freeze a whole pepper.

Ready to freeze

Ready to freeze

4 responses to “How to freeze peppers

  1. puedo asegurarlo, el pimiento entero es una lata!! ahora he probado en tiras y mucho mejor. a mi me encanta congelar los puerros, es muy practico para las sopitas de verduras por las noches.

  2. Gracias Raquel por la confirmación. Solo otro consejo que nos dio la verdulera: Para congelar los puerros o cebolleta (ciboule en frances), es bueno meterlos en agua hirviendo durante 5 segundos, para matar todas las bacterias.

    English: Another suggestion our vegetable lady gave us was to blanch scallions or leeks for about 5 seconds before freezing them. This kills any bacteria she told us.

  3. What a colorful picture!!!!

  4. Just a reminder: blanching means putting vegetables in boiling water for 5-10 seconds.

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