Our humble garden


Our "garden"

Our "Garden"

 Ok, it’s not even a garden. We just have some plants. We used to have a nice one in Texas in our backyard. In Spain we had a garden too in our patio, but they were mainly flowers and other decorative plants, but the point is clear (at least for Carlos). -If we’re going to spend time taking care of plants, they better be some thing we can eat.- 

So we came up with this tiny garden. We brought American seeds because we wanted some southwest flavor. Many, however, we could have bought here. We have cilantro, parsley, basil and all our hopes in chili peppers.

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, now they’re bigger. When the cold comes, we will put in inside the kitchen.

Although the idea is humble, we like to have some fresh herbs we like to cook with. 

p.s. The oregano did not make it during the Danish summer.

p.s. We’re grateful to our neighbour who water the plants when we were in vacation.

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  1. There is an updated picture of the humble garden here

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